For accommodation we offer rooms in two cottages, in two camping houses and in a private house on the edge of the village. On Liise Talu area we can accommodate 34 people, in the private house 14 people – all together we have 48 places.

The bigger restored cottage originates from the year 1883 and accommodates 9 people. Two rooms on the ground floor: one with three beds and the other with a double bed.  Four-person bedroom on the second floor.

The smaller restored cottage dates back to the year 1933 and has two chambers – one with three and the other with two beds.

Two small red camping houses both have four beds and small kitchen corners (water from outside with a bucket).

On the edge of the village in the private house we have four rooms, porch, kitchen and sauna. All together room for 14 people. One double room, two rooms for three people (one person bed + double bed), bigger four-bed room and two-bed room on the porch.

(Pictures upcoming)

Shower rooms are next to cottages and camping houses (3 showers for women and 3 for men).

Prices (2 or more nights):

  • Grown-up 30,00 € with breakfast
  • Grown-up 25,00 € without breakfast
  • Child (0-10y) 15,00 € with breakfast
  • Child (0-10y) 12,50 € without breakfast

Prices (1 night):

  • Täiskasvanu 35,00 € hommikusöögiga
  • Täiskasvanu 30,00 € hommikusöögita
  • Laps (0-10a) 17,00 € hommikusöögiga
  • Laps (0-10a) 15,00 € hommikusöögita


We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in an old Ruhnu family house which originates from the year 1931.

Lunch and dinner for special occasions and picnic baskets are available if pre-ordered (price varies depending on occasion).

  • Breakfast 8,00 € (porrige, sandwiches, cake, coffee, juice)
  • Lunch 12,00 € (soup, main course, dessert)
  • Dinner 10,00 € (main course, cake)

Children up to age 10

  • Breakfast 5,00 €
  • Lunch  8,00 €
  • Dinner 6,00 €



You can buy all necessities from the store in our accomodation area. In case of special wishes and bigger amounts regarding food or drinks it is possible to pre-order goods to the shop.  The store is continuously opened for everyone visiting the island and has taken bigger amounts of customers during summers into consideration. Our prices do not differ much from the ones in the city.


Other Services

Sauna – Sauna with an electric heater fits seven persons at once and has a steam room, shower room (with two showers), dressing room, toilet and a dressing room.

  • Less than four people 20.00 € per hour
  • Every following grown-up 5.00 €
  • Every following child 3.00 €

Shower rooms – Free for people staying in Liise Talu. However, possibility of use also for others.

  • Grown-up 3,00 €
  • Child 2,00 €

Laundry room  Possibility of taking dirty clothes to our laundry room. Includes washing and ironing.

  • Kilo 1,50 €


Transport on the island – pre-order. From the harbor (or airport) to the village (3km).  Possibility to rent a bus (16 seats) or a truck (for baggage)

  • bus 16,00 €
  • truck 10,00 €

Around-the-island-trip with a motor boat. Maximum 5 passengers – 100 €

Excursions – Three main options to familiarize with the island.

  • Histoy tour (visit to the museum and to two churches)
  • Nature safari (with an old truck visitors are taken to othervise unreachable places and to the old lighthouse)
  • Movies about Ruhnu (screening of films from Swedish and Soviet times plus fun animations)

More information +372 56221913 (Andre Nõu)


Smoked fish – Fish (flatfish, whitefish, etc) that is smoked on the island can be bought from a local fisherman.

More information +372 5129107 (Tiina Allik) or +372 56233423 (Heiki Kukk)


Craft workshop – In Ruhnu craftshop visitors have the opportunity to learn about old-time crafts. Possibility to arrange workshops and purchase items.

More information +372 5692955 (Külli Vähi)


WiFi – free in Liise Talu area


For all services possibility to pay either by card or in cash.

Prices include sales tax.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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