Sauna – Sauna with an electric heater fits seven persons at once and has a steam room, shower room (with two showers), dressing room, toilet and a dressing room.

  • Less than four people 20.00 € per hour
  • Every following grown-up 5.00 €
  • Every following child 3.00 €

Shower rooms – Free for people staying in Liise Talu. However, possibility of use also for others.

  • Grown-up 3,00 €
  • Child 2,00 €

Laundry room  Possibility of taking dirty clothes to our laundry room. Includes washing and ironing.

  • Kilo 2,5o €


Transport on the island – pre-order. From the harbor (or airport) to the village (3km).  Possibility to rent a bus (16 seats) or a truck (for baggage)

  • bus 16,00 €
  • truck 10,00 €

Around-the-island-trip with a motor boat. Maximum 5 passengers – 100 €

Excursions – Three main options to familiarize with the island.

  • Histoy tour (visit to the museum and to two churches)
  • Nature safari (with an old truck visitors are taken to othervise unreachable places and to the old lighthouse)
  • Movies about Ruhnu (screening of films from Swedish and Soviet times plus fun animations)

More information +372 56221913 (Andre Nõu)

Craft workshop – In Ruhnu craftshop visitors have the opportunity to learn about old-time crafts. Possibility to arrange workshops and purchase items.

More information +372 5692955 (Külli Vähi)


WiFi – free in Liise Talu area


For all services possibility to pay either by card or in cash.

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