For accommodation we offer rooms in three cottages, in two camping houses and in a private house on the edge of the village. On Liise Talu area we can accommodate 34 people, in the private house 14 people – all together we have 48 places.

The bigger restored cottage originates from the year 1883 and accommodates 9 people. Two rooms on the ground floor: one with three beds and the other with a double bed.  Four-person bedroom on the second floor.

The newest cottage has 12 places in total + showers and toilet. Three 2-person rooms and two 3-person rooms.

The smaller restored cottage dates back to the year 1933 and has two chambers – one with three and the other with two beds.

Two small red camping houses both have four beds and small kitchen corners (water from outside with a bucket).

Private house – 4 bedrooms ( accomodates about 13 people), shower, wc, sauna.

Available from july.

Shower rooms are next to cottages and camping houses (3 showers for women and 3 for men).

Prices (2 or more nights):
  • Grown-up 35,00 € with breakfast
  • Grown-up 30,00 € without breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y)) 25,00 € with breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y) 15,00 € without breakfast
Prices (1 night):
  • Grown-up 40,00 €  with breakfast
  • Grown-up 35,00 €  without breakfast
  • Child (0-3y) free/ (4-12y) 25,00 €  with breakfast
  • Child (0-3yo) free/ (4-12y) 20,00 €  without breakfast


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